Playlist et replay de Fan de funk Novelties sur Funky Pearls Radio

Fan de funk Novelties est un programme à retrouver en exclusivité et en replay sur Funky Pearls Radio tous les dimanches de chaque mois de 16h à 18h .

Fan de funk Novelties #7 – Mai 2024

(les nouveautés de février, mars et avril 2024)


Brian Power Feat Cornell CC Carter – Sometimes (Original Mix)
A-P Connection Feat. Adam Chini – Funk N’ Relax
Shaila Prospere – Love Like That (Sasakrect Inc)
Soulrender – Drama Queen
Jocelyn Brown – Somebody Else’s Guy (Peverell Edit)
Diane Marsh – The Sweetest Dream (Summer Mix)
Lawrence Beamen – Been A Long Time
Jody Watley – Everlasting (Alex Di Ciò Extended Mix)
The O’jays – Put Our Heads Together (Funkdamento)
Geforcefunk Feat. Bruno Rocca – Saddle Up
A-P Connection Feat. Adam Chini – Funk N’ Relax
Leee John And Bill Sharpe – Take Me Back (Ernie Mckone)
Soulutions – Love Don’t Come That Easy
MS1 Project Featuring Daneik Ashley – Passion
Pure Energy – Love Game (Rework Dj Goz Lyon)
Sunfire – Young Free And Single (Jonathan Ulysses & Jet Boot Jack Remix)
Camera Soul – So Strong (Frank Blythe & B Stevie T Rework)
Sonic Soul Orchestra Feat. Kathy Brown – Ooh What A Life (Yam Who Remix)
Filippo Perbellini – Almost Midnight (Tommy Glasses Remix)
A-P Connection Feat. Gloria Tells – More Than Your Love
Down To Earth – What We Gonna Do
Stephane Deschezeaux – Every Bit Of My Love (Feat Princess Lija) + Be My Lover (Feat. Princess Fressia)
Lukas Setto – Candy Love (Radio Edit)
Alex Fanjul & Ty Juan – Whatever You Want (Original Mix)

Fan de funk Novelties #6 – février 2024

(les nouveautés de novembre et décembre 2023, et janvier 2024)


Andy Wood Mitchell – Follow
Geforcefunk Feat. Yassie G – How To Tell You My Love
Noah Eliyas & Recycled Materia – Dance Freak
Everis – I Want Your Love (Album Mix)
Julian Jonah Feat. Dutch Robinson (Izipho Soul) – If You Wanna (Know What’s Missing)
Alex Fanjul Feat. Rich Beggar – I Love The Way You Love Me (The Realm Mix)
Louise Mehan (The Voice Of Soulutions) & Kathy Kosins – Distance
Los Charly’s Orchestra Feat. Xantone Blacq – Open Up Your Mind
Wayata & Astrid James – Off You Go (Young Pulse Remix)
Mishell Ivon & Andrew Napoleon – Mesmerise
Geforcefunk Feat. Yassie G – Paradoxical Love
D’jear – Let’s Do It
Regi Myrix Feat. Lamar Kelsey, Courtney Danger – Have U Ever (Luv Somebody)
Larry H. Soulman – Baby Come Back
Rob Carvalho – Mind
Masta – Don’t Walk Away
Mishell Ivon & Andrew Napoleon – Idiosyncratic
Geforcefunk Feat. Yassie G – Groove On Down
Brian Power &The Lewis Sisters Feat. Linda Lewis – Year Of Decision
Preston Glass & Chosen Family Feat. Kimberlyne – Luv Dat ’Bout Ya
Larney (Dapper) Johnson – Smooth Stepping
Jay Murphy & Natalie Nova – Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide (Monsieurwilly Long Disco Mix)
Dave Mascall Feat. K Rochel Your Love (Extended Dj Mix)
Preston Glass & Chosen Family Feat. Brandon Wattz – It Gets To Be That Way
Go Soul Map Feat. Derane Obika – Right Of Me (Radio Version)
Jaiany – Tonight
Everis – Love And Affection (Remix Karltone)

Fan de funk Novelties #5 – Novembre 2023

(les nouveautés de août, septembre et octobre 2023)

Playlist :
Gary B. Poole – Revival (Extended Mix)
Ronnie Herel & Kenny Thomas – The Sun Will Rise Again
Sugar Rainbow – I Feel So Strong
Gee Bello Feat Jocelyn Brown – Pure Perfection (Cool Million Mix)
Diane Marsh Featuring Mather – Enough (R&B Mix)
Sugar Rainbow & Heather Haywood – Think About
Dawn Joseph – Imitation Love (Georgie B Remix)
Vince Broomfield – Gotta Live Your Life
The Requestor’s – Love Has To Be Easy (Final Mix)
Marc Staggers – With Me
Don-E – Love You Long Time (No Rap Edit)
Spencer Morales – Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin (M+M Vocal Breakdown Mix)
Rose Spearman & The Soul City Connection – I Found Love (Soul City Remix)
Ferry Ultra Featuring Gwen Mccrae – Happy (Folamour Remix)
Sharpstar – Sun Shines On
The Family’s Jam Feat Jaiany – Everything
Aphrose – Yaya
Joel Sarakula – Lonely Town (Pacifico Remix)
Wado Brown – Round
Melba Moore – It Seems To Hang On (Pride Mix)
Keristoff – Never Give Up
Output – Imput – Smiling Faces

Adesha & Vincent Kwok – Feeling You (album) :
Life’s Too Short
Are You Gonna Love
Blame Game
Satisfied With My Love

Fan de funk Novelties #4 – Août 2023

(les nouveautés de mai, juin et juillet 2023)


Maeva Borzakian – You’re My Exctasy
Kim Tavar – Shout Out
Rich Beggar – Nights (The Realm Remix)
The Groove Association feat Georgie B – Spend The Night With Me (The Master Mix)
Tygressa -Pillow Talk
Silky Steps Feat. Robert Linna – Fly, Goodbye
Luv – Spread Some Love Today Radio Edit
Robb Scott & Leee John – Gotta Get Over You (No’west Vocal Remix)
CJ’s Connection – Thankful
Full Flava – Love Holds No Limit (Full Flava 2.0 Mix)
Maeva Borzakian – Hey You
Paula Letang – Dj Spin That Song Again
Stokes & Machine F Cleveland Jones & U-Nam – Freeway (Soul-Jazz Mix)
Tristian – Something Like This
Takim Feat George Benson – Dancing To A New Groove
Cornel Carter – It’s So Nice (Kzo Mix)
Helen Bruner & Terry Jones – You Got Me Feeling
Dwayne Scivally – Is It Me
Melba Moore – It Seems To Hang On
Andy And The Big Funk – Absent Friend
Kim Tavar – Hold Tight
Maeva Borzakian – Step Into The Light
Crossroads feat. Raffaella Zago – If You’re In Need
Shaila Prospere – Dance All Night
Krewcial & Nimiwari – Whatever It Takes
Castella – Intoxicated Love
Gee Bello – Bring The Family Back (Georgie B Rework)
The Slow Slushy Boys – D Funk

Fan de funk Novelties #3 – Mai 2023

(les nouveautés de février, mars et avril 2023)

Diane Marsh – Livin’ It Up (Gettin’ On Down)
Kea (Michaels) – Made It Through
Rich Beggar – Nights
Ferry Ultra Feat Ashley Slater – Why Did You Do It (Never Dull Remix)
Jaiany – Firelights
The Groove Association Fet Georgie B – Games
Adesha & Vincent Kwok – Crown Me By
Georgie B – Glad You’re In My Life
Con Funk Shun – Text Me Tomorrow
D-Funk – If You Wanna Fool Around
Jarrod Lawson – I Would Die 4 U
Alex Fanjul Ft. David Margam – Ain´T No Money
Maysa – Runnin’ From Myself
Rose Spearman – Live Like A Rocket
Ishmalesings – What Can We Do (Jazz Mix)
Maysa – Down With Me
Takim Feat George Benson – Dancing To A New Groove
MS1 Project Feat. Seta – Feel It (Main Mix)
Bobby Washington – I Love Ya Bae
The Regime – Be A Lover
Marc Staggers – Don’t Step On My Love
Bflyladydi – Anticipating
Thom Merlin & Osborne – Try
Mick Leone – Life Night
Dj Goz Lyon – Lovely
Joel Sarakula – Love My Shadow
Slow Slushy Boys (France) – Time For Love And Boogie
Lazzy Funk Feat Djade – Feeling Good

Fan de funk Novelties #2 – Février 2023

(les nouveautés de novembre et décembre 2022 et janvier 2023)

Jay Murphy Ft. Natalie Nova – Boogie Oogie (Original Mix)
Ivan Makvel & Jolie Davenpor – Runaway
First Touch – Changes
Los Charly’s Orchestra – Music For The Soul
U-Nam Feat. Tony Tatum – Midas Touch
Rudee Kane – Summer On The Beach
Castella Feat. Marqueal Jordan – I Saw You
Ingram Street – Natural High (The Realm Remix)
Bey Bright – Just A Little Bit
BB & Q Band – You Make My Dreams Possible
Hil St. Soul – Party On
The Bamboos – Keep Me In Mind
Sir Spencer – New Maybe
The Funk Father Band – Girl U Really Turn Me On
Victor Lando – Be Ready
Raja-Nee – Love In A Groove
Andrew Wood Mitchell -Freedom In The Air (Clonky Clonk Remix)
Julian Jonah Feat. Ada Dyer – Comin’ Back For Your Lovin (Izipho Soul )
Anita Baker – Good Love (Alex Di Ciò Rework)
James Aaron – All I’ve Been On
Darryl Jordan – All I Want
Kim Tavar – Problems (Wmd Clean Edit)
Captain Sky – Back Together Again
Crutchfield Jones – Toast To Mr And Mrs Jones
Hil St. Soul – Love And Fire
Kevin Robinson Of The Band From Brooklyn, Bronx, & Queens – You Make My Dreams Possible
Lynn Davis -Can I Come Over
Polyfunktional – Wut Bout

Fan de funk Novelties #1 – Novembre 2023

(les nouveautés d’août, septembre et octobre)

Adesha & Vincent Kwok – Hot Mess
Alex Puddu – Undress My Mind
Alex Fanjul – Dance Into My Song
Andrew Mitchell Wood -The Horticulturalist
Ania Garvey Feat The Afrunk – Just A Little Love
Captain Sky – Look Me Up
Dennis Taylor – It’s Over (the Nigel Lowis Edit Version)
Devon Howard – Your Love Is (Dj Pope Funkhut Mix)
Dj Goz Lyon – Time To Move
D’jear – Love Is Real
Down To Earth Featuring Stacey Lee – What We Gonna Do
Doctorsoul – Head Up To The Sky
Ishmalesings – Excuse Me DJ
Joyce Sims-What You Won’t Do For Love
Julian Jonah Featuringt Tamia – Now’s The Time For Us
L U – Do It For Love (Nigel Lowis Extended Remix)
Mishell Ivon & Andrew Napoleon – U Got Me Good
Melba Moore – Can’t Stop The Rain
Nitram Zeus Featuring Mishell Ivon – Rock Wit’ U
Rudee Kane – No Pressure
Sargent Tucker -Don’t Blame Love
Susanne Smith – I’m Different
Terrell Edwards – Euphoria
The Virtual Band – You Started Something
Tyra Levone – So In Love
Vince Broomfield – Everything’s Still Copacetic
Vincent Kwok, Nina Lares, Leedia – Passion, Love, Desire

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