Ecoutez les émissions Summertime de l’été

Summertime, la série d’émissions qui remplace Fan de funk tous les mois d’août avec les nouveautés funk, soul, rnb, modern-soul et boogie-funk


Vendredi 25 août : émission spéciale Summertime #9


Robb Scott & Leee John – Gotta Get Over You
Camera Soul – Shooting Star Master
Maeva Borzakian – Sunset Love
Anthony David And Algebra Blessett – Heaven
Helen Bruner &Terry Jones – You Got Me Feeling
Alex Puddu – La Boutique (Original_Mix)
Helen Bruner & Terry Jones – Deeper
Lynn Davis – Beautiful You
Terrill Feat. Ray Parker Jr – Gravity
Regi Myrix Featuring Lamar Kelsey – If You Dont Mind
Hil St. Soul – Love And Fire
Cale Austin – Got My Pride
Maeva Borzakian – My Love Cure
Cornel Carter – It’s So Nice
Ingram Street -I Just Want Your Love
Aphrose – Good Love
Castella – Intoxicated Love
Don E – Digah
Marc Staggers – It’s Alright Living A Lie
Gee Bello – Bring The Family Back (Georgie B Rework)
Candace Woodson – Perfect (Nigel Lowis Remix)
Paula Letang – Sunshine
Sargent Tucker – I’m In Need
Silky Steps – Alone Together
Sir Spencer – Closer To Me (The Anchoress Remix)
Takim Feat. Nils – Topsy Turvy
The Journey (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Rework)
Tristan – Diamonds (Live Club Mix)
Maeva Borzakian – Nothing Or All
Be – Carvalho
Dave Mascall Feat. Harry Cambridge – Time Will Tell (Modern Soul Radio Edit)

Vendredi 18 août : émission spéciale Summertime #8


Heidi Tawn – Baby Come Back
S. Green – Speaking From My Heart
Kim Tavar – Good Ole Days Master
Cale Austin – Wrapped Up
Bflyladydi – Anticipating
Andre Ward – Kiss Of Life
Terrell Edwards – Euphoria
Crossroads feat. Raffaella Zago – If You’re In Need
Full Flava – Love Holds No Limit
Silky Steps feat Robert Linna – Fly, Goodbye
Takim Feat George Benson – Dancing To A New Groove
Tristian – Something Like This
Danny Toeman – Feel My Soul
Antione Hutchins – Be Alright
Chris Jasper – We Are The People (We Are The Nation)
Bella Brown & The Jealous Lovers – What Will You Leave Behind
Dennis Taylor – It’s Over
Kevin Robinson Of The Band From Brooklyn, Bronx, & Queens – You Make My Dreams Possible
U-Nam & California Funk Machine – Number One
Down To Earth Feat. Stacey Lee – What We Gonna Do
Nia Simmons – Feeling Fine
Shaila Prospere – Faith
Detroit Emeralds – In My Life
Hil St Soul – Fingerprints
The Groove Association Feat Georgie B – Spend The Night With Me
Tygressa – Pillow Talk
Down To Earth – In The Shadows Of The Night
Dwayne Scivally – Is It Me
Raja-Nee – Take My Breath
Al Lindsey – Fabulous

Vendredi 11 août : émission spéciale Summertime #7

Bobby Washington – Personal Salvation
Maysa – I Dont Mind
The Bamboos – Stranded
Rodney Stith – Heaven’s Door
Castella Featuring Marqueal Jordan – I Saw You
Kim Tavar – Problems
Polyfunktional – Same Vibes
Sir Spencer – Maybe
The Groove Association feat. Georgie B – You’ll Never Know (80’s Weekender Mix)
Bey Bright – Just A Little Bit
Get To Know & Andre Espeut – Nowhere Plans
S. Green – Speaking From My Heart
Will Wheaton – The Lady In My Life
Duane Parham – Your Prescious Love
Joel Sarakula – Love My Shadow
Masta – No More Tears In Your Eyes
Official Business – Give Me Your Love
Raja Nee – My Window
Lindsey Webster – I’m Ok
Rita Ray – Love Ain’t The Same
Geoff Waddington feat. Tameka Jackson – Big City Lights
Los Charly’s Orchestra – Music For The Soul
Crutchfield Jones – Toast To Mr And Mrs Jones
David Margam Feat. Carlos Camilo – Immune
James Aaron – All I’ve Been On
Julian Jonah Feat. Ada Dyer – Comin’ Back For Your Lovin’
Hil St. Soul – Party On
Raja-Nee – Come Get This Love
Maysa – Whatever
Susanne Smith – I’m Different
Richard Alexander Davis – 4 Ever !

Vendredi 4 août : émission spéciale Summertime #6


JC Soul – Our Groove
Klassic Man – Answer Your Phone Final
Melba Moore – Imagine
Lindsey Webster feat. Randy Brecker & Kev Choice – Stay With Me
Vince Broomfield – Everything’s Still Copacetic
Don E – Make It Last !
Full Flava Feat Cece Peniston – For My Baby
Hill St. Soul – A Feeling So Beautiful
Michael Le Blanc – I’m Not Pushing
Lynn Davis -Can I Come Over
Lenny Williams – Weekday Blues New
Andre Ward feat. K’jon – Casualty Of Love
Kim Tibbs – Over Again
Ms.Martha – Dedicated To Curtis Mayfield
Sir Spencer – Turn Us Back Around
La’zy – Curl Up
Joel Sarakula – Tragic
Victor Lando – Be Ready
Danny Toeman – When The Lights Go Down
Nia Simmons – Feeling Fine
Rich Beggar – Sucha Good Feelin’
Alex Puddu – Automatic Love
Candace Woodson – Step To This Love Song (Nigel Lowis Mix)
Joyce Sims – What You Won’t Do For Love
Bob Baldwin Ft Kathy Kosins – Let’s Rewind
Nao Yoshioka – Wave
David Margam Ft.Rosa Lazar & Fernando Araujo – The Last Time
Alex Fanjul – Dance Into My Song
Geoff Waddington Ft Tameka Jackson – This Is Love


Vendredi 26 août : émission spéciale Summertime #5

Madz – Sunset Love
Tygressa – Shake It For You
D. Folks – Feelin – Dsg
Isaac Aragon & The Healing- We The People
Sketches From Eden – Every Colour Blue
Sympli Whitney – Alight
Garciawalkerdurrell – Get Into Your Life (Extended Version)
Mather – You Could Do More
Gemia Burns – Like Velvet
Darryl Jordan – I Love You
Sketches From Eden – Boyfriend
Madz – Love Is What We Need
Jef Kearns Ft Karen Jewel – Hazy
Lenny Williams – Tonight Eos
Ernie & The Family Mckone – In The Thick Of It
Dsteven – Love Is Waiting
Vanessa Poolian & Anders Olinder – Movin’
Nikkole – I’ll Try
Doctorsoul – I Hope You’ll Be Very Unhappy
Randy Hall – Bring It On Home
Ron E Beck – Touch You
The Mark Williams – Aint Nothing Wrong (Trying To Get My Money On)
Raja Nee – Come Get This Love
Spur Of The Moment Feat. Maimouna Youssef & Jon Rych – Between Me And You
Nikkole – If You Want It (Come And Get It)
Pvibez -Spread Love
Tilly – Life After Love (Soul City Remix)
Tolumide – Throwback
Gemia Burns – When I Think Of U

Vendredi 19 août : émission spéciale Summertime #4

Al Lindsey – Only You
H Atina – Be Mine
Bobby Washington – Feanin’
Fred Simon Ft. Amalia – Island Of Magic
Devon Howard – Forever & Always (Always Steppers Mix)
Rose Spearman – Reminds Me Of You (Remix – Zownd 1.0)
Terrill Williams You’re My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration
Sandra-Mae Lux – You Me And Tomorrow
Maysa – Just Stay
Johnny James Aka Dr. J – Foolish Heart (Vocalsax Mix)
Cale Austin -Whisper – Re-Master
Output Input Featuring Audrey Wheeler Downing And Brent Carter – Here We Go Again
Down To Earth – I Promise By Down To Earth
Jarrod Lawson – Footsteps In The Dark
Samara – Who Am I (Trax Fm Pirate Remix)
Hugh – Alexander – One Day (Freedom Mix Master)
Funk Lab Feat Magoo – When I Think Of You
Ellison Kendrick -The Only One
Debonnaire Music And Regina Belle – Ms Soul Lady
Lance Vantile W Whitfield – Hold On
J D’s Time Machine Presents Jherimi Harmoni – Rain On My Star
Joanna Cooke – Good Lover
Don-E – Follow Your Heart!!
Marc Staggers – What The World Needs Now
Crutchfield Jones – Crazy Ass
Ms1 Project – Ms1 Project Feat. Rachell Crayton – Life’s Celebration (The Praise Remix )
Debonnaire Music – A Better Me

Vendredi 12 août : émission spéciale Summertime #3

Dimitris Dimopoulos Featuring Lifford Shillingford – Where Are You
Alex Puddu – If You Desire__Radio_Mix_
Chandra Currelley – Tell Me What I Got To Do
Ben Broomfield – Like We Were
Castella Featuring Willie Bradle – So Glad I Met You
Diane Marsh Featuring Mather – Don’t Rush It
Tygressa – Hey You (A Minute With You)
Beth Macari – Love You More (Nigel Lowis Mix)
Castella -So Glad I Met You – Tom Glide Remix (Extended Version)
Preston Glass – A Love Too Good To Follow
Eugene Cole Featuring Felton Pilate – Why Are You Holding Back (Nigel Lowis Groove Remix)
Alexpuddu Featuring Simone Miller – Call Me (Radio Edit)
Erin Stevenson – Teknicolor
One Life – Life Unlimited [ Nigel Lowis 2021
Sargent Tucker – It’s All Good
Superdb – Open Line To_Me
Bob Baldwin – Funk In De Pocket (Radio Edit)
Terrell Edwards – 100 Pour 100
Johnny James Aka Dr J – Slippin’ Stepper’s Mix By Nigel Lowis (Sax Intro)
Tfo – Happy Family
Funkindustry – You Got To Love Me
Don E – Be A Star !
Isaac Aragon & The Healing – We The People (Official Audio)
Vince Broomfield – Can You Hear Me Now
Andrew Wood Mitchell – Mor
Garciawalker & Durrell – Praying For Rain
Regi Myrix – Blak Buttah Love
The Realm – You Don’t Have To Be

Vendredi 5 août : émission spéciale Summertime #2

Randy Muller Boom Chang Bang – Sunnyside Up
Dimitris Dimopoulos Featuring Linda Anagnostopoulou – Step Forward
Bflyladydi – Oh How I’m Missing You
Rena Scott – You’re So Far Away (The Nigel Lowis Mix).Mp3
Tony Lindsay – Life Partner
Jody Watley – Clouds (Alex Di Ciò Remix)
Tony Lindsay – I Adore You
Cool Notesyou’re Never Too Young – Steppin’ To The Groove Mix
Don E – One Time Is Not Enough !
Hugh Alexander – One Day Freedom
Bey Bright – He Can’t Love You
Pretty Brown Eyes (Georgie B Mix)
Raja-Nee – Come Get This Love (Samuel Archer Remix)
Regi Myrix – Its A Vibe (Nigel Lowis Mix)
Project Ft. Destiny – Is That Enough
The Groove Association Feat. Georgie B – Best Believe It
Ernie & The Family Mckone – In The Thick Of It
Candace Woodson – Midas Touch (Us Steppers Mix)
Laura Rain – I’m Yours
Superdb – Kool Funk
Ty Causey – U-Turn (Feat Monet Cherise)
Melba Moore – So In Love
Down To Earth – Everyday
Jef Kearns Featuring Karen Jewel – Hazy
Mather – Let’s Dance Together (After The Storm)
Cj’s Connection Featuring Mather – She’s Got Me Thinking (Extended Mix)
Preston Glass – Love Can Never B2 Sweet


Emission spéciale SUMMERTIME #1 (weekend du 15 août)

Sir Waldo Weathers – The Message
Dre T Turner – Stepping Between The Sheets
Raymond Barton Feat. Yolanda Parker And Omari Jones – Together In Love
Magoo – Still Really Love
Ryle Feat Bosra Sham – Alright
Bey Bright – Sexy Love
Jermaine Robbins – Get Up
Randy Hall – How Do You Want Spanish
Myles Sanko – Forget Me Not (Rob Hardt Remix)
Nadia Cole – Today
Lenny Williams – Fine
Matthew Winchester-You Make Me Say
Domonique Brown & The Fam / Preston Glass – Give Each Other Love
Darryl Perry – Inside Of Your Love
Marqueal Jordan – It’s All Up To You
Willie Bradley (Feat. Gerald Alston) – Going With The Flow
N2deep – Kissin You !
Wanda Ray Willis Ft Felton Pilate – I Got To Be Strong
Tiffany Byone -This Time Baby
Mather & Hannah White – Caught Up In A Whirlwind (Nigel Lowis Soul City Mix)
Richard Alexander Davis – Set It Off
Sympi Whitney- Hello
Jacnique Nina -Wish Of The Heart
Minne – Forget Me Not
Tom Grose & The Varsity – More Of You
Don-E – Born To Love Ya (Rise Remix)
Soulutions – Beat Of Your Heart
Heidi Tann – Missing You

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