Les divas et les meilleurs chanteurs de funk sur votre radio du mois de juin 2019

Vendredi 28 juin 2019. Spécial classiques funk

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PLAYLIST : D' Atra Hicks - Palm Of Your Hand, The Ronnie Mcneir Experience - Come Be With Me, Sos Band - Cant't Get Enough, The Whispers - Rock Steady, The Jammers - What Have You Got To Loose, Aurra - Keep Doin' It, Booker Newberry Iii - Love Town (Dr Packer Rework), BB & Q Band - On The Beat, Advance - Take Me To The Top, The Game - Gotta Take Your Love, Con Funk Shun - A Song For You, Klique - Can't Shake This Feeling, Billy Ocean - Are You Ready, Lew Kirton - Here’s My Love (Come And Get It),Skyy - Here's To You, Raw Silk - Just In Time, Family Brown - I'm Gonna Getcha, Madonna - Borderline , Charades - Gimme The Funk, Spence - Get It On, Pointer Sister - Automatic, NV - It's Alright, Simplicious - Let Her Feel It, Kattie Kissoon - You're The One (You're My Number One)

Vendredi 14 juin 2019.

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PLAYLIST : Sos Band - No One's Gonna Love You (Breixo), Manatthans - Crazy, Sister Sledge - Smile, Passion - Don’t Stop My Love, Intrigue - Fly Girl, Steve Jones - I Need You (By My Side), Bon Rock - It's Alright, Cashmere - Can I, Howard Johnson - Say You Wanna, Trilark - Love You Up, Orlando Johnson & Trance - Turn The Music On, Krystol - Don't Change Your Ways, Rick Clark Ft Don E - Friends , Haywoode - I Can’t Let You Go, The Limit - Say Yeah, Blue Father - Let’s Funk Tonight, René And Angela - I’ll Be Good, Bey Bright - Beautiful Thing Feat Donae, Brillant - Someody, Connie - Experience, Al Marshall - Gonna Make This A Night That You Will Never Forget, Nouveautés : Daisy Hicks - When I'm Gone (Alex Di Ciò Remix), Marc Staggers Fea Nia Simmons - All I Need And Want Is You, Rick Clark Ft Don E - Friends , Chocowhite #7 - Connection With You, Los Charly's Orchestra Feat.Omar - Fire (Yam Who Remix), Deborah Bell - Love Won't Pay The Rent (Pay Your Way Mix)

Vendredi 7 juin 2019.

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PLAYLIST : Judy La Rose - Little Bit Of Love, Cool Notes - Spend The Night, Controllers - Undercover Lover, Isabel Roberts - Love Situation, Keta Bill - Your Love's Everything, Instant Funk - Give It To You Baby, Midnite - Paradise Drive, Kool And The Gang - Ladies Night, The Limit - She’s So Divine, Deodato - Keep On Movin’, Janet Jackson - Young Love, Twin Image - Kiss And Make It Better, Mona Lisa Young - Rock Me Down, Carl Madis - Nothing Like , Evelyn King - I Can’t Stand It, Silk & Lace - Your Love, Shalamar - Make That Move, Bendeth Band - Love Collect, Dayton - Meet The Man, Black Birds - Don't You Know What Your Say, Harry Ray - Love Is A Game, Jr Tucker - Treat Me Right, L J Reynolds - Tell Me, La La - I Got A Thing For You, Glenn Jones - L'm Somebody, Jennifer Holliday "Babytonite" Vs E.Livec"Case Of The Shakes (Assal), Plush - We Ve Got The Love (Assal), Doctour Soul - I Like The Way You Move

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